Long time lurker, first time poster. Hope my tags and stuff aren’t too terrible. I figured I’d share some of the things I have lying around. So up there we’be got my daily, an 02 IS300 sportcross, which is the daily but I’d like to retire it soon. It’s too rare to keep beating on. And my 70 Citroen DS21.


55 Chevy 3100, pictured with my girlfriend removing the head and The Real Dacia Sandero’s miata.

My auxiliary daily who is a bit sick at the moment. Meet Kate, my beloved (and I do mean BELOVED) 99 Land Rover Discovery. We’ve been on countless adventures, shes been a tow vehicle, a trail rig, a house, and SO much more to me. We’ve been atlantic to pacific together and this is the one car I will never give up. Her motor is currently trashed though, it’s been knocking for the last 50k miles so she’s about to go under the knife.

I’ll post up again soon with more of what I have, but I’m out of battery and need to hit bed.


So yeah, let me know if I’m doing this Kinja thing right. See you around!